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Salesforce Announces Salesforce Marketing Cloud Constituent Engagement Cloud


Published on 03/31/2023

As Salesforce continues to invest in delivering capabilities and features for specific industries and verticals, we’re pleased to share the all new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Constituent Engagement Cloud (SFMCCEC).

This is the second Salesforce foray in bespoke capabilities underneath the SFMC umbrella since the rebranding of Pardot to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. This suite of new capabilities brings you closer to your local area with enhanced data integrations through the power of Salesforce Genie Data Mulesoft Cloud. This newly renamed platform enables near real time integrations with security cameras, your local economy and with the power of Einstein GPT, global data can help identify problems in your district before your constituents are even aware of them.

But, what is the value of all of this data if you’re not able to act upon it? The all new Constituent Journey Builder empowers you to do more to your constituents with its additional unique flow control, messaging and experience management capabilities. These new tools ensure the people that you represent receive the care and attention that they deserve.

Introducing the new features:

Wait until Distracted

Similar to the Wait until Event option within Salesforce Marketing Cloud ExactTarget Engagement Cloud for Non-Accounts, this allows your campaign management team to configure multiple potential distraction options.

When a constituent is in a Wait until Distracted position, any messaging from the individual is placed into the highest possible priority folder and locked away until they are ready to be engaged with.

Wait until Invested

Much like the Wait until Distracted, the Wait until Invested option puts the local community in a holding pattern until there has been sufficient investment made. This tool is great for managing high profile requirements where there is already significant investment, such as reducing the overwhelming burden of safety measures on rail-based logistics.


Many users of Marketing Cloud have become fans of Path Optimizer and Einstein's excellent Send Time Optimization. However, Bombardment is an all new option that leverages all channels available within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Whenever a prospective voter opens their device, Bombardment surfaces a Push Notification. Whenever they open an application on their phone or tablet, Bombardment serves an In App Message. Leveraging the power of Einstein, using the global panel data of Email Engagement data, Bombardment is guaranteed to be at the top of their inbox by sending your emails right when they open an email from any SFMC org feeding in to the global data.

Social Diversion

With information so readily available across the globe, it’s important that you ensure the message you want constituents to see is the message that they see. Whilst Social Studio is falling out of the Marketing Cloud product suite, you’re able to integrate SFMCCEC with any platform that supports our easy to integrate API. If there is a moment where your message is not the one being discussed, create a diversion and bring people back to the point you’ve got to make.

But, engaging with your constituents is about more than just outreach and responding to the needs of those in your district. One of the key capabilities added to SFMCCEC is the uniquely positioned “Plead the Fifth" button.

Politics is an incredibly subjective field to be in and it’s well known that reading text presented on a screen can be open to interpretation. The all new “Plead the Fifth" button takes any risk of that happening out of the equation by enabling users to quickly and irrevocably remove content from their SFMCCEC account. This industry leading removal feature ensures that if there is any risk of misinterpreting messaging around campaign funding, specific social interactions or even just helping out a long term friend, it can be swiftly managed. The one click approach ensures that no matter if it’s 1, 2 or even over 30 individual instances can just be removed from your SFMCCEC account, enabling you to get on with the job at hand without distraction.

These capabilities are sure to streamline, simplify and supercharge your relationships with your constituents, through the power of Salesforce.

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