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What is HowToSFMC

HowToSFMC is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud resource by a group of practitioners with a range of SFMC experience. The aim of the site is to take common "How do I?" questions and instead of make a single how-to document, crowd-source many options. Including from the wider community.

Armed with these choices, we'll help to provide context to the decision making and empower you to build your ideal solution.


HowToSFMC is a community effort. We rely on you for task and challenge submissions, content articles and collaboration, and your overall support. As such, we want to hear from, and get to know you.

The HowTo team hosts a bi-weekly meetup where we talk all things SFMC, career, learning, and life. It is a time where we can put a finger on the pulse of the community to truly understand what is missing from the world of SFMC resources!

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Email Geeks Slack

The email marketers behind HowToSFMC are members of a very active community of email marketers called EmailGeeks. The EmailGeeks community has grown to more than 5,000 members who participate in conversations around all things email; including two dedicated SFMC channels.

Join the Conversation

We want to know!

Everyone has their go-to resources for learning, which made us think...what are YOUR (the SFMC community) favorite resources and reference materials?

This includes blogs, people (via social posts or articles), documents, groups, slack channels or any other places you go to. Our goal is to share the top resources preferred by the community, based solely on your votes!

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All Rights Reserved
Made with by your fellow SFMC users.