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What is HowToSFMC

HowToSFMC is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud resource by a group of practitioners with a range of SFMC experience. The aim of the site is to take common "How do I?" questions and instead of make a single how-to document, crowd-source many options. Including from the wider community.

Armed with these choices, we'll help to provide context to the decision making and empower you to build your ideal solution.

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The email marketers behind HowToSFMC are members of a very active community of email marketers called EmailGeeks. The EmailGeeks community has grown to more than 5,000 members who participate in conversations around all things email; including two dedicated SFMC channels.

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June's Task

When you need to use WYSIWYG

Submissions Closing: July 20, 2020

Using the WYSIWYG is actually better sometimes? What?! We're just going to be up front with everyone. The majority of us involved in HowToSFMC are complete D words. Yep, we are developers and designers. From Email developers to platform developers to automation developers and graphic designers. Some of us are also A words (Architects), most of us have also spent time as C words (Consultants) and there's a bunch of Grade A E words (Engineers) in the mix. For the most part, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is the bane of our lives, from emails breaking in Outlook to audiences being almost what you expect, just not 100% there. But, that doesn't mean that these super powerful and easy to use tools don't have their uses and in some cases they can do more for you than is reasonable to code.

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Made with by your fellow SFMC users.
All Rights Reserved
Made with by your fellow SFMC users.