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One More Time - Winners Announced


Published on 04/08/2021

We said we would invite you all to do it One More Time & you did not disappoint. We had some absolutely amazing entries to this challenge and it was definitely a tough decision picking some of these winners. Fortunately, the individuals who came through and clinched the victory have taken the time to break down their solutions and help share their experience for us all to learn. Take a look through these articles and let us know if you think they managed to Get Lucky or if they were just Doin' It Right.

Efficiency: The challenge lyrics are 2303 characters long, and your job is to find the least amount of characters necessary in SSJS to output these lyrics. This challenge will be measured solely via the character count. We will be utilizing to count the characters in your submission.

Winner: Rafał Wolsztyniak (Article)

Twitter handle: @HelloRafal - yep, no posts there

LinkedIn Profile: id -

Innovative: This category is all about the unique ways you can make SSJS work. We will be concentrating on not just the uniqueness but also the performance. Submitting something stunningly unique and cutting edge that triples the performance required, could severely hurt your chances.

Winner: Eliot Harper (Article)

Twitter handle: @eliotharper

LinkedIn Profile: id:

Simplicity: Good code should be clean, simple and easy to understand. The main goal of this category is to identify how much effort a beginner/non-developer would require to understand and utilize your script. The simpler the better, but it should also be performant and within best practices. "Dumbing it down" will not be the solution to this.

Winner: Manjunath S.R (Article)

Twitter handle - SfmcIn

LinkedIn Profile -

Salesforce id -

Special Jury Award: We all love good, clean, efficient code - but sometimes you have an idea that sounds bizarre enough that it might just work. Your script will still need to be functional, but if you feel that one of the best ways to flex your SSJS muscles is to produce something completely unexpected but incredible, then we want to see it too.

Winner: Vijaya Sankar Natarajan (Article)

Twitter handle - @vijayasankarn

LinkedIn Profile - id -

Huge congratulations to Rafał Wolsztyniak, Eliot Harper, Manjunath S.R and Vijaya Sankar Natarajan. Your vouchers will be with you shortly. We're massively impressed by the skills and approaches that you've shared with us.

And yes, it was difficult to get through this post without mentioning Daft Punk calling it quits just after we posted this challenge originally. We promise it wasn't our fault.

Thanks again for everyone who took part in this, there were some fantastic solutions presented. If you would like to tackle this challenge as part of your own learning exercises, take a look at the articles above and they may just inspire you. Whilst the competition may be over, we're sure there are more solutions to this challenge so if you do have something you want to share, get in touch!

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