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HowToSFMC Mission Statement


Published on 01/18/2020

HowToSFMC is a group of people that aim to provide valued information and learnings to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) community across the various skill levels of its users. This assemblage will require community involvement and participation in order to flourish. Essentially creating a “For the Community, From the Community” environment.

HowToSFMC will essentially display community provided issues/common tasks/roadblocks and then ask for the community to submit their solutions for these tasks. The goal is to show that tasks/issues do not have only a single solution, but instead multiple angles and approaches to solve it as the ‘best solution’ may not actually be the best choice for everyone.

We will be opening this up to the community to provide us with the ‘problems’ that they face on a daily basis. We will then identify the most relevant ones to present for the monthly vote. These problems can be anything and everything. Although the more specific the problem is, the less relevance it may have toward the community as a whole.

Once selected, the problem will then be posted to the website for the community to review. We then will ask community members to submit proposed solutions to this problem. These solutions will need to be proven and explained, we cannot accept half answers or just code blocks.

After we receive the solutions, we will gather them, rank them, and display them (anonymized so the same person doesn’t win every time) for the community to vote on. We ask the community to vote based on the best overall solution. This includes efficiency, versatility, elegance, future-proof and results.

After the ‘winning’ solution has been identified, we will remove the anonymization so people can proudly share their work and be recognized for it. We will also have the winner (or a proxy if the winner is unable to) create a quick video explaining their solution and how to implement it. The other top solutions will be listed as honorable mentions/alternate methods. This will not only help illustrate the different ways tasks can be handled, but also provide an opportunity for community discussion.

Although it would be greatly appreciated, we do want to stress that you do not need to participate in each and every step of the above to be a valuable contributor of HowToSFMC. Even if you choose to only participate as a voter once every so often, you have provided a great contribution and we appreciate it. We simply ask you to do what you can, when you can to help our community grow and learn.

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