June's Task

When you need to use WYSIWYG

Submissions Closing: July 20, 2020

Using the WYSIWYG is actually better sometimes? What?!

We're just going to be up front with everyone. The majority of us involved in HowToSFMC are complete D words. Yep, we are developers and designers. From Email developers to platform developers to automation developers and graphic designers. Some of us are also A words (Architects), most of us have also spent time as C words (Consultants) and there's a bunch of Grade A E words (Engineers) in the mix. For the most part, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is the bane of our lives, from emails breaking in Outlook to audiences being almost what you expect, just not 100% there. But, that doesn't mean that these super powerful and easy to use tools don't have their uses and in some cases they can do more for you than is reasonable to code.

We're taking a sharp focus on dynamic content and how you would use the native no-code-required features to provide 1 to 1 experiences with your contacts. This challenge is officially a code free zone.

  • No HTML
  • No AMPscript
  • No SSJS
  • No SQL
  • No GTL

Many will be aware that there are a range of options to create a dynamic email experience within SFMC, each with their own benefits and challenges:
Would you defend Dynamic Content Blocks?
Is it easier with Enhanced Dynamic Content?
Or do you create 3 or 4 customer audiences with data filters and just hit send for each one?

When we talk about efficiently, it's not just about how quick a solution works. Your solution lives in the context of your business, so what we'd love to know is does this way of working allow a wider range of your team to use SFMC to drive results? This includes taking into account the skillsets of those that will be utilizing the product. Does the team have no HTML experience? No SQL skills? How do you solve for this?

For this one, we wanted to provide a bit of direction, so here's the clients ask:

A car rental firm and wants to email previous customers and provide them a content experience dynamically populated based on the following criteria:

  • The color of their recent car rental (Red/Blue/Grey/Green)
  • The year of their recent car rental (2015-2019)
  • The length of their recent rental (1 day, 2-7 days, 8-14 days, long term rental)

The client has offered to provide you the following information in either a Data Extension or a List uploaded directly via a CSV file:

  • Subscriber Key
  • Email Address
  • Recent Car Hire Start Date
  • Recent Car Hire Duration (Days)
  • Recent Car Hire Model
  • Recent Car Hire Color
  • Recent Car Hire Price
  • Rental Customer Name

Using non-code based techniques outline your preferred method of supporting your client in this endeavor.

Your submission must include:

  • Abstract
  • Related Considerations
  • List of SFMC tools used (Content Builder, Audience Builder, etc)
  • Detailed Recommendation
  • Brief overview of the solution*

*During the voting phase, this overview will be used as the context for your solution. This overview should be 2-3 sentences and highlight why you would recommend your solution.

Keep in Mind

Your quick guide to HowToSFMC Submissions

  • Usability: How easy is it to pick this up? Is this something for a beginner? Intermediate? How much setup/maintenance is required?
  • Versatility: Is this something that can only be used for a specific brand/email type/etc? Or is this a more universal process that can be utilized for all aspects?
  • Elegance: Is this solution utilizing the most efficient means? Are there any rough edges or manual needs?
  • Performance: How quick does this run? Will this require significant processing or time to complete?
  • Output: We do not mean we are judging on Design/imagery, we instead are talking about things such as code bloat, rigidity of content, mobile/desktop display considerations, etc.
We will only use your email address to contact the winner.

A ReadMe file will be created on the HowToSFMC GitHub with details of your solution. This section will also be used to promote your solution when it comes time to vote.

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All Rights Reserved
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